Italian vs Spanish: What Are the Main Differences Between These 2 Outstanding Languages of Heart?

Italian vs Spanish – a comparison: Italian and Spanish are both Indo-European Romance languages that share a lot in common.

Italian vs Spanish: How Similar Are They?

Spanish vs. Italian: Which One Is Harder?

Italian Double Consonants – Learn with 2 Great Italian Songs: Learn Italian double consonants by listening to “Messaggio d’Amore” by Matia Bazar with the female singer Silvia Mezzanotte. Listen to the song and scroll down below to see the Italian lyrics with the English translation: Try to sing together (great method to learn Italian)!!! … Continue reading

71 Italian Food Sayings [Food = Most Loved National Hobby!]:  It’s not surprising that the Italian language has a lot of sayings related to food, probably the most practiced and loved national hobby! Here you’ll find 71 Italian ways of sayings about food, and more we’ll … Continue reading

Italian Hello Songs (2) – Learn the Most Common Italian Greeting & Much More! Here’s a great song by the Italian songwriter Francesco De Gregori built around the most common Italian greeting, the Italian hello “Ciao”: Ciao ciao, andarsene era scritto, perciò: ciao ciao. Bye, bye, to go away was written and then bye, … Continue reading

Italian vs. French: Find Out the Differences (& More) Between These 2 Outstanding “Heart’s Languages”


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